Tuesday, September 19, 2006

God Bless the Child

I really am not sure why that is the title of this painting except that is what came to me as I was painting it, and it is written all over in the painting. It is not readable, as the colors would run together and bleed. But it was a prayer, and it was in there. This is done with fluid acrylic and is a result of the Experimental Watermedia class I am taking at the Oceanside Museum of Art with Clair Lise Mathy-Andereg. Doing these acrylic painting is so much fun. And so is this mask series. I was going to put a butterfly in the upper left area as it seems kind of blank, but the more I contemplated it the more I felt that doing so would answer too many questions. It would take too much of the mystery away. So as Bob Burridge says - it's better to stop too soon, so I did. I like it a lot.

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