Wednesday, September 20, 2006

LIST: Observations, what I see in others work and what I want in mine

+ Improved drawing skills: to be able to draw like Ron and Vanessa and Z. Ming Wu and the "advertised Watts students". WHY? Because I think if I have this skill level I will have confidence, I will feel "qualified" and free to do what I want. And because I want to be able to do it and do it with ease. I have never attained the skill level I have always desired. I am not interested in nudes anymore - that used to be my favorite subject, now I am interested in clothes and costumes.

+ I am NOT interested in long drawings, 3-6 hours is about all I have patience for

+ I am not interested in making finished drawings, only as a tool and a skill

+ Now that I have plenty of paint and I am not afraid to use it - I feel hesitancy to use it, like I don't know how to apply it. I should set the goal of doing 15 bad, failed paintings with the thickest gloppiest paint I can muster and see what I learn.

+ I like more color than Vanessa, less color that Susan Sarback

+ I prefer "Alla Prima" painting

+ I like lighting and drama, Z Ming Wu is a favorite for this

+ I like drama, atmospheric effects and mystery

+ I like Linda Christensens work - for lighting, texture, atmosphere, mystery

+ I like texture and some pattern - but mostly bigger, simple shapes

+ I like line

+ I like drawing into and onto paintings - calligraphic marks, words and writing

+ I like Jeff Watts portraits and Fechin, maybe Richard Schmid and Harley Brown

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  1. Nathalie-
    I am leaving this link (below) to the definition of the word "color" from for now. I will try to keep up with your blog as much as I can, but if you enter as much as you did in the past day or so, I can honestly say I will not be able to keep up! ;) Good to see your posts and comments. I definitely have thoughts on these and would like to comment on so much more, but will leave this question for now:
    What is your definition of "color" or "colorful"? (What does "color" or "colorful" mean to you?)
    Here is the link:

    Keep up the great work!