Thursday, December 04, 2008

Another digital version

Here is today's painting offering, digital again. This time I worked in watercolor and chalk. And once again it is a very dark painting - not where I want to go but can't seem to get away from dark, dark, dark. Today was not a great day - I feel kind of cruddy, and spent some time cleaning house. I also planted some sugar snap peas and broccoli in the back yard. I still have to resolve all of my online issues, but tomorrow I paint - with real paint.

Well, darn - I just looked again at this portrait - and I do not like the forehead area - I guess I may have to go back in and rework it a bit - or not. I should spend my time trying to go for a light version again.

OK - so I thought I was done - but I couldn't go to bed with that dark painting on my mind - sooo, here is this one. Lighter, pinker, differenter. :) Yes - it is from the same sketch - I just took some liberties, and sort of got away from the original a bit more. I did this one mostly in oil pastel - digital of course.

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