Sunday, December 14, 2008

Garden Update -good news and bad

I am taking these photos around 4:30 PM and it is already so dark that I have to use my flash - and I can't even see well enough out here to really focus and frame these pictures. That's because it's winter and we live in a "hole" - some might call it a valley, or down south they might call it a "holler" - but really it's a hole, and it gets dark down in here very early. It's been about a week since I planted my little vegetable patches. The weather hasn't been so terrific and I haven't been too disciplined this week. As you can see the transplanted peas seem to be doing okay - not growing a lot but they remain alive and mostly healthy, and I can just start to see some of the seeds sprouting. I have harvested some of the lettuce and it is certainly not regrowing as it does during warmer months. I guess that is reasonable. Also, this little patch gets way less sun that I thought. The sun is so low, it is almost completely shaded by the bar-b-que island.

And then there is the spinach pot - hmmmmm, something is missing here -- like the spinach plants! And here is the good and bad news. The good news is that Rick has seen bunny rabbits in the neighborhood on his early morning walks. That means that the coyotes have moved far enough away that some small creatures - besides snails and rats - are now living around here. The bad news is there are bunny rabbits in the neighborhood - and they are eating my spinach! I thought because these are in pots they would be relatively safe from the snails for a while - never thought about rabbits or anything eating them. Today they got wrapped up in bird netting to protect them.

This week my gardening goal is to get some spinach and lettuce seed planted and start a bucket of potatoes. That's my goal anyway - Christmas is coming fast and I still have to make all my annual ornaments, ship and mail stuff, finish shopping and wrapping and haven't even gotten cards yet, and blah blah blah - so we will see what actually gets done.

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