Friday, December 05, 2008

Return to Daily Painting a Day

Yellow Pear
Oil on Masonite
8" x 8"

Today is my first day back to painting daily - YAY!! I feel very rusty and a bit awkward after not painting for 2+ months, but it is wonderful. I totally lost track of time and was late to meet my friend Linda.. She had to call and ask me where I was - in painting-la-la land, that's where I was - fortunately she is an artist also and completely understands. I feel like the rocking of my boat is calming and settling and pretty soon I can loosen my grip on the sides and row off on a new adventure.

Now I have to resolve whether I return to eBay to sell my paintings , or Etsy, or both - or somewhere else. I have some research to do - any suggestions are certainly welcome.

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