Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Salad and Ebay

It is just getting too dark too soon! Today is portrait painting day and I got a good start on one, but it got too late and too dark to get a photo of it today. So instead I give you a photo of the very first salad from my garden. Just enough for the two of us. Yummy.

Here is a wooden container that I painted a few years back. I've always liked it but never used it and now I don't have any place for it in my house, so I am going to offer it on eBay. Yep, I am back on eBay. The last 2 pear paintings are now on eBay too. This box measures 8.5" high, 8.5" wide at the widest point(from the front lip to the outside edge of the handle), the base is 4" deep (front to back) and tapers toward the top, which is 2.5" deep (front to back). The lid is hinged and flips open. The interior of the container is not painted. I think I painted this in oils, but it's been so long I am not 100% certain, but may 85% sure - maybe. The back is plain and it is signed on the front. I think that is it...until tomorrow.

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