Monday, December 08, 2008

Daily Painting a Day

Yellow Pear on Blue
5" x 5"
oil on Masonite


Not much to say today, a little painting, a bad photo of it. I usually take my photos in natural daylight but it got late and too dark, thus a bit of glare on this one, trying to take a decent shot with lights. Today was an unusual day for this area - the sun did not come out even once today. I really don't do well on gray dreary days, I become just as gray and dreary and don't feel well. I need to live at the equator or something - in the land of eternal sunshine, where the days never shorten and the sky is never cloudy all day. Sounds like the old song "Big Rock Candy Mountain" or something doesn't it.

Tomorrow is another day and Christmas is creeping up on me quickly -at some point I am going to have to actually go shopping and get ready for it all. Not today.
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