Friday, January 11, 2008

Just Tryin'...

Tryin' to be consistent that is, without being to hard on myself. I slept til 8:30 AM this morning - that almost NEVER happens as the dogs are early risers, thus forcing me to be an early riser too. We all overslept, we must have needed the rest, so OK. That put me behind for the entire morning, and this afternoon was so crazy busy I hardly had a chance to eat or think, so no painting today. However I did go to COAL's meeting (Carlsbad Oceanside Art League), and watched David Darrow speak and demo a head painting. That was interesting, I found him humorous and informative. You can see his work at - I wish I knew how to make the link work, guess I'll have to figure that out. David has another website for his daily paintings which you can get to from his website. So no painting for today, but I did post. Now that's consistency, big changes in little steps

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