Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rubber Ducky eBay Day

Rubber Ducky and Easter Eggs #1 ; Oil on Canvas ; 6" x 8" Go To eBay

Well, I have been threatening - er, make that promising - myself to try to sell my artwork on line. I have spent the entire day trying to figure out all of this stuff. OK - MOST of the day. I kept losing all of my material because I don't seem very adept at following instructions today, or finding that little "Save" button before I close out of a page, thus losing everything I did and therefore repeating the same work several times over. I have had these two little paintings for a few months and I really, really like them. I do - really. However, I have chosen them as my first sacrificial lambs on the eBay alter. OK - so sacrificial DUCKS -wait, can you have sacrificial ducks? I don't remember ducks being specified as acceptable in the Bible - are they clean or unclean? I know about doves - but what about ducks? I guess I'll have to go look that up now too. I digress - or depart actually - get back on track Nathalie! OK - I am back, I think. ANYWAY - here are the 2 paintings that I listed on eBay. It seems like these little paintings would be perfect for someone - for a new mom or grandmother, or for a nursery or something. I think my biggest issue is going to be getting "found" - can't sell anything if nobody knows about me, or can find me. I have so much to learn!! Right now I will go figure out how to put a link to my paintings on eBay so you can get there from right back...

Rubber Ducky and Easter Eggs #2; Oil on Canvas; 8" x 10" go to eBay

YAY - I did it!!!

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