Friday, January 23, 2009

The Animal Odd Couple and an Art Note

Here is a heart warming little story for you. If the video doesn't show up, you can watch it HERE ,
or copy and paste this--

Now isn't that something?

On that "art note" we went to the Los Angeles Art Show today and had quite a wonderful time. I have a lot to think about, and process, and I am quite eager to blog about it. It was an incredible visual feast. There was only one gallery space that really injured my eyes! Hurt my heart! It will take a while to heal the horrible sights I saw, and to get those images out of my memory! It was a gallery from Paris and besides the work being rather inferior in quality, in my opinion the subject matter was so obscene and perverse and twisted...ugh! The only thing I can say that will give you just a tiny idea - imagine a wall sculpture ( it wasn't real I don't think - maybe some kind of rubber or clay or something that looks pretty real though) of a plucked, dead and decaying chicken humping an amputated arm, and it went down hill from there, way down hill, really way far down hill.

On a much brighter note, at lunch Randy from the TV show My Name is Earl came in and sat a couple of tables away from us. He is one of my favorite TV characters. Then when we went back to the art show we ran into Ty Pennington - who I am completely envious of because I think he has the best job in the world - maybe the universe. Now I have to tell you I am not a celebrity fan at all and I would NEVER have even recognized these people if it wasn't for my extremely observant and wonderful husband. But the real highlight of the day was I got to meet Linda Christensen- who as an artist I practically idolize! It was a good day.

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