Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Daily Painting and a God Sighting

Robert 010609
oil on hardboard
forgot to measure the size but maybe about 11" x 14"

So here is today's painting. I almost didn't go to portrait class as my head was pounding and not feeling all that great - again. (The weather I think) I sure am glad I went though. I had a great start on this portrait but got to talking and lost all focus - totally lost the likeness - but was able to save it as an interesting image any way. I'd like to work on it some more tomorrow if I can, or maybe just scrape it off - we will see...

Here is the God Sighting - that is my term for whenever I see or experience the hand of God at work, an answered prayer, a miracle, a blessing - whatever, large or small - where ever. So of course I pray a lot about the stuff I write about and lately it's been about substance, passion and vision. (Actually it's not just lately - I just found an email that I sent to Vanessa over a year ago about the same issues.)

Before Rick and I went to bed we were looking at some paintings in an art magazine and there was a painting by Reed Cardwell, which we both liked. He is a local artist and I took a one day workshop with him once. He teaches in downtown San Diego - which is just too far to go for classes.

So last night I woke up because I smelled smoke. My initial reaction was concern - but I quickly realized it wasn't the kind of "something's on fire" smoke, it was slightly spicy, more like smokey incense, or some kind of fragrant cigarette only nicer. I tried to go back to sleep only to be awakened again - and again. This occurred a number of times. I forgot to check the clock but I would guess it took place around 2- 3 AM. Then it changed from smoke to a spicy sweet earthy fragrance - like myrrh or patchouli or something. I can't describe these fragrances really. I have smelled it one other time, many years ago - probably about 25 years ago, after being anointed for prayer. At that time when I asked my pastor about it he told me it was the fragrance of the Holy Spirit and this fragrance stayed with me for about 3-4 days. Last night I just wanted to sleep - I should have woken up completely and asked God about it - but I just wanted to sleep. I kept sniffing my sheets and pillow case even though I knew it wasn't it. Finally it stopped waking me and I was able to get to sleep, then this morning I awoke with the thought and idea that I needed to do a series of abstract paintings based on classic hymns. Interesting. I only know maybe 3 hymns - I know contemporary worship music and praise choruses - but not hymns. I don't know hymns. I am intrigued by this idea although I find it is rather a daunting task. I am not very good with abstract art - I can do semi-abstract figurative stuff - but abstract work based on something I don't know or have familiarity with and is abstract by nature - music - wow. That seems like a lot - but not too concerned - if God wants me to do it then I guess He will help me paint them too.

I went to class and told Vanessa about it and she asked what time this took place - because she too was awakened by the smell of smoke - around 2:30 AM! Wow - confirmation. Then a little later I took a look at the upcoming classes, even though I was planning to take a session off, and lo and behold - Reed Cardwell is teaching a class at the studio - at a time I can take it - he's teaching abstract painting. Wow again. I guess I won't be taking a session off!

Coincidence? Nope. God sighting.

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