Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I got nuthin - no really

The only reason today was not a total loss is ... well, I can't remember right now why it wasn't - My painting was a total wreck, blech - I started on the big painting which is 4' x 5', but I have to start it over because the drawing got out of control and way too big. Yep - too big for a 48" x 60" canvas - that is just crazy. So since I am committed to posting daily on my Daily Painting a Day blog -(ha!) I thought I'd catch up on my gardening endeavors, such as they are, because nothing is going on there either.

So above is a photo of probably the most pitiful broccoli I've ever seen. They look pretty much the same as when I first planted them. Below are the peas and lettuce. As I said before the bunnies ate all my little pea sprouts and the pea plant on the far right as well as damaged the one next to it. That leave 2 pea plants which are barely growing and one looks dangerously close to biting the dust. The lettuce refuses to grow much.

These aren't growing much either - although stuff looks pretty green and healthy - nothing is really growing. It's like my plants are in suspended animation - maybe they are, I don't know that much about gardening really.

But I will leave the day - and you - with a beautiful, positive bright spot. Below is the beautiful Talivera pot and bright red cyclamen that my daughter gave me for Christmas, it had one bloom when I got it. Each day I can look out at breakfast and lunch and see the pretty red butterfly flowers flitting about in the breeze. Isn't it pretty? and the pot is just gorgeous - love it. Thank you again Rica. On another bright spot - not only do I have a blooming flower - I am NOT shoveling snow, or freezing cold! I am blessed indeed.

Tomorrow is another day...

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