Friday, January 09, 2009

No Painting a Day and Look at This!

Yep- you read that right. No "Painting a Day" for me til - well, I hope next week. You might not get a blog email from me for a few days. I have decided to continue to clean, plan and organize and do a few things right this year. Getting a new web site is a top priority for me right now. I have been with for a couple of years and they were fine for a while - until I needed some help and they turned into the rudest, most insulting and non-helpful people ever. I canceled my account and I see they have put advertising on my web site - even though I am paid through February NOT to have ads on it. They are resellers of an outfit from Australia and darned if those Aussies weren't just as rude and bad, I don't know how much $$ I spent on hold with Australia, until I gave in and hung up, which is what I think they wanted me to do anyway - Creeps - it's not worth any more of my time or effort - I just need to change it. SO to all of those people that I have recommended too in the past - I am sorry, I take it back.

Resolving this and getting a new website is top priority right now - and I have been working on it the past few days - I bought web designing software and am trying to learn - really fast. SO let me see, I think I will list stuff:

1. New Website - actually 2, one a professional portfolio, and one a store for my Daily Paintings
2. Get my accounting and taxes in order
3. Clean up and organize my computer files - get my photos sorted and organized - right now they are all over the place, on disks and thumb drives and on 3 hard drives - ugh! How did this happen?
4. Start acting more like a serious business person and stop playing flighty, flaky eccentric artist -

*OK - no one ever gets everything on their list done now do they?? and actually I'm NOT playing LOL. Oh and ---

5. Get the big portrait done ASAP
6. Put my professional portfolio together and start looking for gallery representation

Yikes - now it's all out there, and now I feel really committed.

Okay - now look at these pictures!! A pea flower! I am going to have at least 1 pea pod to eat! Hooray! (as long as the birds or pests don't get it first) I guess it pays to go outside during the day : ) Actually it is just beautiful out there today. I noticed the fountain wasn't running. I looked out and saw that the bottom tier was completely empty - even though I just filled it the other night. Get that Rick? Another leak to fix. So I went out to fill it and lo and behold I saw this pretty little flower on my pea vine, and another bud starting too. They are on the vine that looks like it might not make it - it figures, so we will see. I may try to get a few minutes in to plant a few more things - this weekend is supposed to be warm and gorgeous too. Good, maybe my feet will finally warm up -

And will ya just look at that sky? Beautiful. Since I live in a hole and feel like I am always looking up - I thought this view would be particularly appropriate. LOL

"See ya" in a couple of days

Visit me here: - uh, well not here, not right now - but soon

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