Thursday, January 29, 2009

Working Hard and Nothing to Show

I have had this video on the back burner waiting to show it to you. Watch this -

go here if the video doesn't show up

Are you kidding me? I certainly admire the technical skill and expertise - and maybe the creativity of this cake decorator - but SERIOUSLY! are people supposed to EAT THIS? How could you possibly?- this is just twisted! What do you think?

I have been having bad headaches almost daily and my knee has been giving me problems since the L A Art Show. I think the headaches are partly weather and partly because when my knee is messed up I stand and walk funny causing back and foot and hip and neck pain - might as well make my head hurt too, and my eye, pretty much the whole right side of my body - LOL.

I've been working on the big portrait and also on a website and online store. I was up until 2 AM last night trying to figure stuff out. Plus I have been doing a lot of writing, journaling really.I really have been working hard - just not on stuff I can photograph and post.

I have chosen my 2009 theme. Introducing (insert drum roll here)...2009 THE YEAR TO SIMPLIFY & STREAMLINE...tah dah. So to that end each day I am tackling a box or shelf and getting rid of stuff. I am also working toward painting and working more efficiently as a part of the streamlining. I think by the end of the year I would like to have close to 50% less of almost everything...well, like clothing, books, craft supplies, junk.

And my major intention or goal for 2009 is to get my portfolio together and approach some galleries. 2009 will be my "make it or hang it up" year. Either I get in the black with my art or I just make it a hobby or something. Eww - a little old lady with a painting hobby - that doesn't sit well with me - well, so this is my intention/goal for now anyway. So any way - IF I am going to fulfill my goal/intention I will have to produce more which means I need to be less encumbered and more streamlined. See how it all works together? Genius. Right? LOL

I have a lot to say about what I learned - or figured out - from the L A Art Show - I have thought and talked and sorted and processed and have a real handle and focus - but this is enough for tonight. Tomorrow is another day - I'll write about it then.

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