Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh so much going on in my head...Check this out

I met this wonderful woman, Jeanne, at a workshop in Santa Fe. We hit it off and have been staying in touch. I really enjoy her and her paintings, and even though her link is on the side of my blog - I really wanted to draw your attention to Jeanne and her work. I just love her paintings and I think you will too - this is a great little painting and story - so check this out:


I worked today and ended up with nothing - but maybe tomorrow. Thank goodness for Photoshop and Painter - I got a lot further with my idea than I would have without it. Tomorrow is another day so we will see...

I am still processing all of my thoughts and everything I saw at LA Art show - busy, busy brain.

Don't forget to go to my Thursday, Jan 22 post and leave a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in order to be included in the One World-One Heart drawing for a painting.

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