Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the winner is...

Bye-bye little painting....

Today is the big day! I never DREAMED I would get the number of comments that came in! This turned into a much bigger and more time consuming task than I ever imagined too. So while I have your attention...I plan to do this again in the future, just on my own, just for fun. Those of you who actually gave me your email address are on my list of people to notify when I do. I did try to fish out as many as I could from blogs and websites too. Thank you - thank you - thank you! Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments and encouraging words. This has been so interesting to "meet" so many people from so many places, doing so many different things. I have not gotten to all of the blogs on the One World One Heart 2009 list - there were 911 participants at last check, and I think that was the final count. The list stays up for 6 months I think, so I will continue visiting.

I ended up with 211 entries, some of which were phoned in and some emailed in. (Not everyone knows how to leave comments.) Everyone was entered into a "Give Away" address book that I set up. That address book then alphabetized everyone. Do you really want to know all of this??? I ultimately used Random.Org and came up with the winner - who happens to be Patty Szymkowicz. Congrats Patty - and an email is on it's way to you. Now, everybody go check out Patty's blog Magpie's Nest too (

More later...

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  1. OH Nathalie! I promise you that your gorgeous tulip painting is going to a good home!!! I am beyond thrilled to be THE lucky winner of a piece of your artwork! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! I can hardly wait to see it up close and personal! Yippee Yay it's a happy day!
    Brightest of Blessings to you and yours! OWOH certainly IS an amazing event, isn't it! oxoo

  2. Thanks Patty - it has been fun! It makes me happy that you are happy. I am also happy that my little painting will be in a good home. Since you too are an artist - you know how they can be like little children, or little bits of yourself, that you are sending out into the world. Enjoy! And wow - 911 participants in like 3 years? Who would have thunk it?