Monday, February 23, 2009

Today's Art - Digital Painting

Here is a digital painting - (really more of a drawing) - of the green beetle that my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday. It is on a pink background because that is her favorite color and I am sending her a print of it - that and I actually like the pink too. It looks good printed on photo paper - but I am curious to try it on a nice piece of watercolor paper too. I just don't have any lightweight enough to go through my printer right now. I really need to learn more about the whole printing end of the digital art business. Yikes - yet another learning challenge! I am not ready for it yet - but it looms on the horizon. I can see it out there with a new large format printer surrounded by dollar signs. Yep it will cost me - time, brain, patience and money. That is for another day...

This digital drawing is just the first of many that I hope to be squeezing in between the Joyful Project, finishing Dog Stealer and daily painting and "anything else" of interest that crosses my path . I like working digitally - especially when I am not physically or mentally up to painting, like lately. (And yes - I am going to a doctor for this crud). Right now and until this passes and I feel better - that "anything else" is playing Zelda and Okami games on my Wii. I am so tired of feeling bad, that I am doing a fair amount of time wasting and zoning out with video games - which is a tremendous amount of fun too. And working digitally - it's all good, it's all fun.

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