Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Digital Painting

Okay this bug was way fun although it took me about as long as a regular painting would have. It went through a bazillion changes. I am OK with it now - there are some nice part. The problem with this bug is two fold - first I see a face in it that I can hardly get past and it is beautifully iridescent and I get kind of fixated on that. Here is a photo of the bug too.

Doesn't it just look like some kind of Indonesian god or a Tiki head? God's little creatures are just so darn cool!

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  1. Ok, so my very, very honest comment here is I just can't get into bugs; however, I'm glad you did :). Last week I visited the King Tut exhibit at the DMA and was mesmerized by the artifacts from the tomb. One of the artifacts that I fell in love with was this very large (wide) bracelet with a giant scarab as part of the clasp. The colors in it were amazing; I think you would have loved it, as well.

    Great work with your digital painting, but, I am anxiously waiting to see The Dog Stealer finished!

  2. Great bugs , You should check out James Parkers blog he just finishes 20 or so bugs !

  3. What can I say ... love our bugs! :)

  4. Of course I meant YOUR bugs! :)