Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Real Rant for Today! This Won't Take Long...

I am so sick of GREEN that I don't even want to use green paint, and green is actually one of my favorite colors. Is anyone else just so over the whole green mania? Green this - green that - green the other thing. Ugh! Don't get me wrong. I was a charter subscriber to Mother Earth News, and interested in recycling, composting, fuel efficiency and solar energy all the way back in the late 60's, way before it was so popular and trendy. God gave us this earth to take care of and that is exactly what we should do. But we should want to care for our environment because it is the right thing to do - not because we are "guilted" and manipulated, brow beat and hammered to death about it. Oh my gosh - I can't take it anymore!!

So do you know what Carbon Credits are? Go HERE to read about them or to a listen to a short audio explanation. (info from http://greenairradio.com)

Or Listen to this 1 minute audio:

Okay - I am done now - back to art...

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  1. Here's another one: Global Warming is a Y2K-like money making scheme -- WITHOUT THE EXPIRATION DATE!

  2. The global climate issue is pretty much in the bag in the way of being irrefutable. Have you taken notice of the amount of people on earth? The amount of resources needed to keep them fed and mobile (and in many cases, starving and sedentary)? The amount of wildlife extinguished and displaced? Did you know that saving money on energy actually saves you money... wait... you do know that if you're using a lot of energy, you're the one getting the money to the beneficiaries to whom your expiration date will not expire, right? I seem to remember Y2K being more of an urban myth with some COBALT coders coming out of the woodwork like soothsayers claiming that planes will fall from the sky... I mean, did you actually believe that? Anyway, I thought it best to jump all over your trite and ill-informed comment because I'm happy to educate. Now go turn your compost.

  3. I note that you are Anonymous. It figures. I at least have the courage to take ownership of my comments. No, I didn't buy into Y2K, and I don't buy into the-sky-is-falling global warming, either. By the way, I DO compost. I DO recycle. I don't drive everywhere. I garden and provide habitat for local wildlife. I kayak. I love the outdoors, and I protect it as best I can. I don't over-heat or over-cool my home. So don't act like you know me, or know more than me or anyone else who disagrees with your point of view. This is particularly important when you are choosing to hide, Anonymous! Your sanctimonious know-it-all attitude is exactly what most of us are sick of hearing from bomb-throwing Greenies!