Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Daily Painting - ACEO

"Heart Flower" - (Sketch)
2.5" x 3.5"
Oil on gessoed board

Does anyone ever really catch up? Being behind just seems like a constant in my life. I have not painted since last Wednesday or Thursday and it makes me feel - well - icky, restless, antsy. I guess I NEED to paint. I did this little ACEO sized painting as a sketch for the Joyful Project - trying to work through some stuff. I actually did it early last week, before the abstract - It will probably go up on "FeeBay" when I get around to it. Oh look! - the sun is out, I have potatoes I want to plant - I have never grown potatoes, so maybe I can get out there and pot them up today. It has been cold and rainy here for days and days and days, and I feel like I have a "gloomy day hang-over" from it - I need a kick start - No painting for me today - again. It is after 1PM - I am still in my robe - and by the time I get myself moving it will be time to get ready to go to dinner for my birthday.

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  1. oooh the heart flower has angel wings or an angel behind it. Lovely. Was so great to hear your voice today. Leslie