Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Abstract Paintings

Okay, so I am calling this Abstract 1 for now. It is OK I guess - I don't love it but I don't really hate it either. It is colorful, I like that about it. It has energy too I guess. This one measures 12" x 24" and it is my first attempt at a totally out of my head non-objective painting in class. As my friend said "it looks like spin art." LOL - I totally agree. I am not sure if I will keep it or scrape it off and see what comes of it. I was vaguely thinking "hearts unfold like flowers" when I painted this and I see the "flower" influence - but not successful in that regard otherwise.

This is Abstract 2 for now, measures 5" x 8" and I did this while waiting for another surface to dry - which it never did in time. This feels more comfortable and more like "me" - probably because it is figurative, and I rather like this one - it's a keeper anyway. However - for supposedly focusing on 'Joyful-Joyful"- this ain't joyful at all! Once again - not successful in that regard. And there you have it - the results from my first class with Reed Cardwell. It was a good class -I was brave and stepped outside of my comfort zone with less than disastrous results -so it is all good. I think I will be switching to acrylics for this class - just easier to deal with for now. And I will prepare canvasses in advance so I am not wasting time in class waiting for something to dry. This is a journey and today was just my first couple of steps, it was more good than not.

I am eager to paint some more and try more new things - as Martha would say "that is a good thing." Smiles for now - tomorrow is another day --
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  1. Hey Mom - it is me, "the one previously known as Nathalie Davis".

    I was just catching up on your blogs that I have missed. I know - bad daughter but I gotta get some credit for busting my tail at work for dad. Come-on, just a couple "good daughter" points to fill in the hole?

    Anyway, on to the purpose for my ramblings: I just wanted to say I think you are REALLY COOL! I love reading your blogs and I am so excited for your new Hymn inspiration. I love your abastracts and my favorite thing about the figurative painting is the tie. I know - kind of weird but it carries a weight, is subtle and definitive at the same time and is such an important detail that I LOVE! Keep up the good work - it is so neat to see where you are headed. I love you tons and really admire your efforts and enjoy your outcomes! Keep it up!

  2. Hi Nathalie,
    Good to see your new work!

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