Friday, May 23, 2008

New Daily Oil Painting of Red Cherry on Yellow Background -Miniature or ACEO

#3 Cherry ACEO

This Daily Painting a Day of a luscious, but lonely red cherry on a vibrant yellow background wants to come to your house and be with you! It's very small and won't take up much room in your house - however it would look awesome framed in a really nice 5 or 6 inch wide frame.

Oil on Masonite (1/8" thick)
2.5" x 3.5"
Available for purchase on

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How about this little gem? I like it pretty much - tiny, but nice thick paint, with some texture to it. Gosh I feel like a lot of stuff Vanessa has been drumming into my head (and I mean that in the nicest way) just seemed to gel and come together in Santa Fe in Carol's workshop. Now I hope I can just hang on to it and continue, and transfer that learning over to my portrait work.

OK - about the long fancy title: New Daily Oil Painting of Red Cherry on Yellow Background - Miniature or ACEO. That's a lot of words, but I am trying to learn about SEO - which is Search Engine Optimization, or in plain words, how to better be found on the Internet by total strangers that might like my art and/or me. Apparently one of the ways to accomplish this is to have descriptive titles with words that people might be searching for, and to also repeat them in the body of the text. That way when some on searches for - let's say "daily painting" or "ACEO" or "red Cherry" the search engines will crawl all over the Internet and hopefully find my blog entry here and then show it on their search list, most preferably at the top of their search list. Whew! Now the key is to find the right words that people search for, have them in the right balance because if the search engine thinks you are trying to fake them out or pull something fancy - then they ignore you. There are services that do this for you and I am seriously thinking about hiring one. I'll give it the old DIY effort for a month or so and if I don't feel like I am getting results - the daily painting a day red cherry on yellow background-miniature or ACEO and I will go hire some help!

Well, I've been home from Sana Fe for 6 days now, and I've been so very busy! I've been working on Rick's office painting, which will be finished very soon and I'll be posting a pic of that before long. Mostly I have been working on getting my new "paintings-only" blog up and running as well as eBay , and trying to get everything all working together. I feel like I am making progress - and in the meantime, still managing to get some painting in. I think the key will be figuring out some routines and systems, automating as much as I can so I'll have more time to paint. I'll probably be taking a few days off now. Rick had some oral surgery today that turned into a much bigger deal than either of us were prepared for, so I will be playing nurse for a couple of days. I am also eager to get the portrait of Andrea and Gina underway too.

So my next project is to be writing my "artist statement" - I have been putting that off for a long time. I could hunt down all of my old stuff and rehash it - but really I just would like to leave the past in the past and just deal with the present. I suppose a compromise of some sort is probably what will actually happen, we will see.

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