Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Please note the following changes!

I am reorganizing, integrating and updating my blog and web site over the next few days/weeks.

This BLOG - (the one you are reading now - NSDavisArt) will remain relatively the same, but will focus on chit-chat, personal stuff, and general journal type thoughts, ramblings and probably the occasional rant.

I have started a NEW BLOG that will be ONLY postings of my daily painting practice and art for on sale on eBay. Go HERE to check it out. No chit-chat - just pictures and links to ebay.

Later I will be updating my web site, once I get these 2 blogs all up and running smoothly.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave comments and feedback. I want to make these as good as I possibly can - so by all means, let me know what you think.

OK - so here it is: is the journal type site with text and stuff to read. is photos of paintings only. is my web site and will be a "portfolio" site

I will probably continue to post a lot of my paintings here as well as on the new site - at least for a while. Also, there will be links to each other on each site, so if you end up in the wrong site just look for the link and hop over to a different one.

In the meantime here is today's painting. Pear 1 - oil on canvas/masonite - 6" x 6"

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