Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day Three

Quick post tonight. Once again I am exhausted - but happy. It was stormy and rainy last night so I didn't sleep very well, and today was a bit rainy at times too.

I have met the most fascinating and talented people here. I think the people I meet is probably the best thing about workshops. Not only do I learn things from the instructor, but from each person I meet.

We started out the day doing value studies. The first one we had 40 minutes, the second 20 and the last one was 10 minutes

We then had a critique and broke for lunch. One of the points of the assignment was to end up with a study that was mostly one value , a little bit of the second and a smidge of the third value. I went for pizza with Amy, Pam and Lieza. then back to work. Carol talked a bit and did a little demo and examples and then we painted. I did the green pear on an orange plate..

We had 20 minutes left and I tried to whip out this cup and lemon. The cup is round on the top and square on the bottom - that was really tough to try to make it look like it makes sense and I don't think I was very successful - but look at the reflection of the lemon in the side of the cup - not bad, eh? I ended up taking about 30 minutes with this one and I am darn happy with it for that amount of time!

OK _ I am off to dreamland, I have pictures of people I want to put up - but that will have to wait for tomorrow, as will the pics of the adorable little place we went to for dinner tonight. Morning will be here before I am ready for it!

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