Friday, May 09, 2008

Bonfire Chili and laundry

Here is my newest hair color - a combination of Bonfire and Chili -those were the names of the color that my hairdresser Jessie used - and I love it - love-love-love it! This is in bright sunlight - so it really looks a bit darker than that most of the time - but wow - I love it. There are some blondish steaks and other stuff going on in there too. This special little color combo took a little over 3 hours to get, that is a very very long time for me. I spend practically zero time on my hair, I normally don't even brush, comb or blow dry my hair - I wash it, scrunch it and walk away. This color feels like life to me, and joy, and fun. YAY!

I am not a big fan of plastic surgery, but not a big critic of it either. Inside I am a pretty happy joyful person - even though I have been having a hard time since I moved to CA - it is getting better and deep inside I really am a happy joyful carefree person. But my family is constantly asking me if I am angry or sad or something - when I am not. Not at all. Actually - I have tried to catch glimpses of myself in mirrors and reflections to see what the heck - why are they saying that all the time. And you know what? they are right! My face does not match up with the real me anymore! Who is that unpleasant, dour looking grump I see glancing back at me from that window reflection? Certainly it can't be me - but it is! So I have been studying this phenomena a little bit and have determined that gravity has pulled all of my facial features downward giving me an unhappy, sour, mad and generally unpleasant expression all the time. No bueno. Seriously - this is not good. I decided to do some self portraits and in taking photos of myself, see what I can do about this, short of a face lift.

When I was in high school and working at a grocery store we had a regular customer who I thought was beautiful and very interesting looking. Her face was lined and wrinkled and full of character - or so I thought then. Now I realize - since she was a golfer and sun worshiper - she wasn't nearly as old or wise as she looked - nor was it wisdom and character that gave her all those lines and wrinkles. Seriously - I was particularly fond of her wrinkled brow and at night I would practice wrinkling my brow and sometimes trying to tape the wrinkles in place with band aids so I could be as wise and wonderful looking as she was. In spite of what I now recognize as severe sun damage and premature aging - I never remember her looking mad or unpleasant.

Now I just need to get the rest of my life - and my face - to line up with my hair color. Does that sound dumb? Makes perfect sense to me. Maybe the meantime I will go start the laundry and do some housework - and then my face and my life will actually match up - I hate laundry and housework. I have to get busy - but first I think I will go band aid a smile on my face...

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  1. It's me again...Jesse! I stumbled on this commentary and it brought a smile to my face:) I'm so glad that "BONFIRE"and CHILI" made you soo happy! Yay! See you soon!