Friday, May 09, 2008

Andrea & Gina and some thoughts

So here it is - all in one place, probably the only time, after this I will only put up the painting progress. These are my nieces Andrea and Gina, and the portrait is for my brother in law for Fathers day. So here is the photo I am working from, since they are in Ohio and I am in California, there will be no sittings or working from life on this one. It makes me very nervous to paint this way as I have to rely on my memory - which is very badly broken, and color from a photograph which is so much less than real life as far as color goes. And color is one of my biggest weaknesses, at least in my mind. So once again I am painting scared. It was so darn hard to get started! I worked mostly on Andrea - the beauty on the right - and I feel like the likeness is starting to develop but the color is awful. While with Gina I had a good likeness and lost it but the color is better. Michele - if you are watching - don't freak - this is just the beginning - much, much, much more to come. However today I have to do laundry and pack for my trip to Santa Fe, and tomorrow Nathalie and Rica are celebrating Mothers Day with me, so I won't get to work on this portrait for another week or so, unless I can cram in a few little sessions between laundry loads today.

You know - there is something very helpful and therapeutic for me about posting paintings, pictures and thoughts on this blog. It's almost as if I become totally detached in a way that I could never do "in real life" and I can see these pictures and paintings in a whole new light, as an almost casual observer, completely unattached. So I would tell a stranger to start over - the placement of the figures could be better and you are not so far into it that it would be any great loss. So I may just do that. I am very concerned about time though - drying and shipping - I really want it there in time for Father's Day.

Michele - if you are reading this - I know this is going in Kim's office - so what colors are in his office? email me Okay?

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