Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day in Santa Fe & I have the best husband in the world

Today is Mother's Day. I arrived in Albuquerque and picked up a rental car to drive to Santa Fe. The minute I saw the orange HHR I knew it was meant to be!

I doubt that I could lose that in a parking lot or forget what I was driving with that. Actually - I pretty much loved it - the color has a lot to do with it though, but the seat is kind of hard. Anyway, I drove the hour or so to my hotel and checked in. As soon as the clerk saw my name he brought over this big box from Pro Flowers and said they had been there waiting for me and everyone was wondering who they were for. Rick had planned ahead and sent tulips - my favorite flower - with a little box of candy to the hotel to be there for me on Mother's day. He is so sweet and thoughtful. They really help this room feel nicer. The Garrett's Desert Inn was built in the 50's and looks the part. But it is neat and clean and smells pretty good. It's everything I need - a bed and a shower. Tomorrow is the first workshop day, I am exhausted. These pictures are up but not organized and I am going to bed and try to get some sleep. I'll straighten all of these out tomorrow. My throat is still on fire but other than that I am not feeling too awful - already I can tell that I should have planned to stay an extra day or two as there is a lot to see here.

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