Tuesday, May 27, 2008

#5- Brown Egg on Blue - New Daily Oil Painting a Day

#5 Brown Egg on Blue
Linen on Masonite
6" x 8"


I haven't painted with my knife for a while so I figured it was about time. This was done mostly with my knife, but there is some brush work in there too. I am very pleased with how it turned out - I hope you enjoy it too. Yep I really like it, I do. So what did I do? I listed it to start bidding at $5. Yep, $5. This is KILLING me!!! I already listed my other paintings at practically give away prices - and one for $1.00 Yes - one little dollar. Know which one has an actual bid? Yep - the $1 painting. But I guess I need to do what it takes to get "found" and develop a following. The whole idea is to let the market set the price. I mean a painting is only worth what people will pay for it - right? I know - there are so many theories on this - hold your normal selling price and just hold out for your price - or set a low price to attract buyers and hope for the best - give up on eBay and go back to galleries - UGH! I hope I am doing the right thing. At any rate I can take joy in know that my painting are going out into the world and blessing someone somewhere. I mean I am going to paint them whether I get a dollar or not! But seriously - $1 won't get my car to the post office to mail it! ( Hopefully it'll get bid up a bit )
This is a heck of a lot of fun anyway.

Rick is doing better, but still hurting quite a bit. He did go into work today. I am spending so much time on the computer that I am not getting much else done - today I forgot to eat and I am starving right now. I feel like I am getting a bit of a hang of it and a system is beginning to form - then it should be pretty quick. - Off to get some dinner before I start gnawing on my brushes -

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