Friday, June 06, 2008

#12 Dark Cherries & a Tufted Titmouse

These cherries are so dark they are almost black. It was a bit of a challenge to paint because they are so dark and still make them look like cherries. They just kept looking like black blobs...with stems. Part of the problem is probably my studio lighting. One more thing for my to do list - which grows steadily longer.
Isn't this Tufted Titmouse ACEO by Mike Beeman adorable? I bought it!

Boy, I am out of energy and my brain feels fried. I just signed up for Auctiva and InkFrog. Both are eBay auction management sites which I hope will save some money in fees and also help streamline the whole process. Mike runs Auctiva on his siite whih looks pretty cool, and I figure he knows what he's doing. Then my friend Linda - who is an antique dealer runs InkFrog and she really know what she is doing too - (She bought a $2.00 Craftsman style tile a few months back at an estate sale. She contacted Antique Road Show about it and ended up selling it with them for $12,000 !!!! - how cool is that?) So I am trying both Auctiva and InkFrog because I sure as heck don't know what I am doing - yet. I think I already like Auctiva better, and it is free. I am also excited because I won the auction for the Titmouse ACEO painting by Mike Beeman. You can some of his bird paintings on YouTube here.
OK - once again - I've had it - I'm heading for bed.

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