Sunday, June 15, 2008

It Is Finished - Done - Over with Are ya sick of it yet?

When One Door Opens - 48" x 60" - Acrylic on canvas

Today is Father's Day and the thing that Rick wanted was for me to FINISH this painting and go hang it in his office. Kind of sad isn't it - I already took it to his office once and called it finished - but then I made him bring it back home so I could work on it some more. I am pretty darn happy with it now - today - this moment in time. No promises I'll still be happy with it in 10 minutes though. I brightened up some colors and darkened down some areas and brought some lights back out. Done! I am a bit disappointed in myself in that I missed a day of posting on eBay last week. It feels really crummy - I'd been doing so good...but it was for a good cause. I am till working and arranging studio space and making good progress, so this week I can get back to painting and do it in a pretty nice atmosphere. Still have to resolve the lighting issues though. OK - I am off to Rick's office to hang this thing and I promise you will not see or hear about it again - maybe ;-)

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