Tuesday, June 10, 2008

#14 Pear and a Couple of Devasting Blows

I love painting pears - (and all things round-ish) - think I'll ever get tired of painting pears? Check my store
Okay - Okay - maybe not really devastating blows - but a couple of disappointments. One HUGE. I found out today that a painting that Vanessa did of a blue-eyed clown - that I really, really loved and traded one of my paintings, for accidentally got sold out of a show in LA. Now I am not a fan of clowns AT ALL - but I just loved this tiny little painting. Really - click the link and look at it. I am SOOOOO bummed. The only good thing about it is I will still get a Vanessa Lemen painting and everything thing she does is super awesome. Really - go check out her site. The other big disappointment is the girl that I had hired to come clean was a no show. No call, nothing. I thought she would be reliable - but obviously not. So I spent all afternoon cleaning - which has set me back a bunch, and still didn't get done. I wanted to have pictures of my studio all cleaned up and nice to show you - plus I am chompin' at the bit to get some mixed media work in. Darn it - maybe tomorrow.
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