Saturday, June 21, 2008

SDFAS, Margaret Danielak and Thank You Lisa Bebi

Is it OK to cry when you sell paintings? These two paintings are my very most favorite pear paintings EVER!! And now they are GONE! (sniff)

I went to a workshop today held by San Diego Fine Art Society - which I know very little about - yet. But they have a mentoring program and I am SO going to get hooked into that! It was held down near Little Italy at The Frame Maker. The Frame Maker is incredible. I want to get all of my art framed there now. It is the most upscale beautiful frame shop with the largest selection of frames I have ever seen. We got a tour of the facility by John Hiemstra, a really nice man who is also an artist that works there. Great place. Anyway SDFAS brought in Margaret Danielak, art rep and author of Gallery Without Walls. It was all about selling your artwork, especially in alternative ways, as well as galleries. It was very good and extremely helpful. I do believe I've had another bit of a breakthrough too. One of the assignments was to take a piece of artwork to "sell" in a roll playing exercise. I took "Rosa" and these two pear paintings. I took the two pears because I like to look at them. Seriously. I do. I love them. I don't often get attached to my paintings - but these two are special. To be honest about what a nut I can be - even at home I have carried them from room to room with me - just because I like to have them near me. Crazy, eh?
Now my two precious little pair of pears have gone home with another. Lisa Bebi - an artist friend who I admire tremendously bought them. Right at the How to Sell Your Paintings Workshop! (Isn't that aprapos?) She was pretty slick too - she admired them - effectively softening me up - and the next thing I knew I had a check in my hand! Well - at least I know they are in a good home and will be well cared for. Thanks Lisa. I am sad to see them go - but happy to see them go to you. I hope they make you smile.

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  1. They truly are wonderful, Nathalie. Well done on selling them. You can always make yourself a little print to enjoy.
    To answer your questions on color, I have to say I just see it that way. I paint it the way I see it. the longer you look, the closer you look, the more you see. A mentor, Jack Darling, taught me that and it's a thought that has served me well. I always see things in technicolor. Check my blog...I'm on a pretty good run color-wise
    Again, well done, my friend, well done! jb