Monday, June 02, 2008

#7 and #8 and I've lost track of everything else

#7 Shell
6"x 8"
Oil on canvas mounted on Masonite (I think)

#8 Blue Flower 6"x8" oil on canvasboard

Both of these paintings are available on eBay

I have been a busy girls! Fortunately I love to learn and I love to learn just about anything and everything. Lately I've been completely immersed in blogging - eBay - web site - My Space - Face Book - Building an eBusiness thing. Wow - I don't even know what I don't know and I don't understand more than half of it - but I will get it - I will - I will - I will. In the mean time, I am trying to cram some painting in. Here is what I am up to - working on the commissioned portrait of Andrea and Gina - I've decided not to post progress shots of this portrait because I think I was scaring Michele - (the mom and the the commissioner of this job). So here are the other little daily paintings I've been doing. I am going to do more of the blue flower. I've always wanted to paint flowers but never really have - they are kind of frightening to me. No - not like clowns or snakes frightening - just overwhelming and hard. I think it is really rare to find a painted flower that does any kind of justice to the real thing. I mean really - how can you beat a real flower for color and delicacy and texture?

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