Tuesday, June 17, 2008

#18 Pear ACEO and George Washington

# 18 Pear - New Daily Oil Painting a Day - ACEO

Oil on Masonite
2.5" x 3.5"
(approx. 6.35 cm x 8.89 cm)
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So this is today's eBay listing. I painted it a few months ago. It sure is nice to have a painting or two to fall back on when I don't have a successful painting day. Not that I didn't have a successful day today. I had a FUN painting day today . Tuesday morning is portrait class at Studio 2nd Street which is just a great class, I love the people and the atmosphere. So I started out with this:

This is a tiny 2.5" x 3.5" value study of Stephanie, our model. She poses for us fairly often, she is tall and lanky and has hair that puts me in mind of Princess Leia from Star Wars. Just a simple thumbnail map for the portrait. After doing the thumbnail I started the sketch on my canvas and I'm drawing and working - nose to the grindstone - then I stepped back to see how I was doing and ...well.... check this out - GEORGE WASHINGTON!

Oh my gosh - I thought this was HILARIOUS! This is the initial sketch on 11 x 14 canvas and I couldn't do a better George Washington if he was sitting in front of me. It makes me laugh even now! Fortunately George faded away as Stephanie began to appear - sort of. It kind of looks like her but I really wasn't interested in getting a likeness - I want to play with color. I want to get the flesh tones right but I also want to PUSH the color - exaggerate it - have fun with it. Well - I did have fun and I am OK with this painting - a few things I want to tweak before I throw it up on eBay. Fun morning - here's the almost final painting:

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  1. Nath, I think you just burned your brains up worrying so much about getting set up. And look what came of it...the beautiful speckled egg!

    Do you find it difficult switching back and forth from oils to mixed media etc?

    Take it easy. Hope you're feeling better. jb