Wednesday, June 11, 2008

#15 Green Pear on Purple and Studio Chaos!

Yep - big surprise - another pear. But you know what - I LOVE this one!
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So...I was already into this mess when it occurred to me to take a before photo. This is an almost before - actually it looks better now - in these pics - than when I first started, because I have already boxed a bunch of stuff up. I got all of Rica's books and stuff off the shelves and boxed up, that should give me a whole empty book case for my art supplies. This is my acrylic/mixed media studio, and my nap room. LOL.

See that fold up table behind the book case? I have to replace my 6' table with that 4' table - just so I will have some room to move around - this is a job and a half! I could use a professional organizer! Where are those TV show people when ya really need them?

This is the view from the hall - with mostly stacks of Rica's boxes

...and all of this stuff has got to go up and into that little space too. Look - even my dog Lexus looks worn out from this. She is actually sitting on that step, panting. Hahaha.

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1 comment:

  1. You know what..I love it too!
    New Studio..I know the feeling, needing that special space to work. I think it looks like fun at your house. Love the Green dresser. JB